Montana - Havre


Stay on the main drag (1st Street - US Route 2), and old signs are the best you'll do. These are heading west at 5th Avenue and 1st Avenue. It's jarring to see wifi advertised on a sign this old.

Instead, let's head south on 3rd Avenue. This is at 2nd Street.

The 1916 Masonic Temple is on the southeast corner of 3rd Avenue and 3rd Street. Finally, things are getting interesting.

Keeping with the "interesting" theme, the 1932 U.S. Post Office & Court House is across from the temple on the southwest corner. Those are not two functions I would expect to combine in a new building from the start. Especially given the next set of photos.

Just for fun, let's go one more block on 3rd Avenue and circle around the Hill County Courthouse on 4th Street. This one was built in 1915. Let that sink in for a second. It was there first. Then the city built a post office and decided to put a courthouse in there. How many courthouses did a city of 6,000 need? (I'm guessing the post office was a municipal court.)

Of course, I have plenty of architectural details for you to enjoy.

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