Missouri - US 66 - St. Louis

St. Louis (former US 66)

Not the best view, but it's hardly a St. Louis page without the Gateway Arch.

Remnants of the western approach of old US 66 into the city along MO Route 366/Chippewa Street.

Heading west from the east end of MO Route 366/Chippewa Street through the Gravois Park neighborhood to Crompton Avenue. This section was never part of US 66 and remains a two-lane neighborhood street.

Back to old US 66, these are along Gravois Avenue (now MO Route 30) heading toward downtown. The church is the Oratory of St. Francis de Sales.

The old police department headquarters on Clark Avenue opened in 1929 and closed in 2014.

City Hall is just north of the former police HQ, and retains its functionality despite being 25-40 years older (there was a very long construction period) and in much worse shape.

Over to Broadway at Cass Avenue. I think Mound City Buggy Company is probably not in business anymore.

A few blocks away, 13th Street at Cass Avenue.

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Road photos from MO Route 366 (old US 66)

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