Missouri - US 66 - Springfield

Springfield (former US 66)

The awkward moment when you spell Congratulations right but Burns wrong. Maybe.

Despite the ornamentation, this is not a mosque. It does, however, date to the Gilded Age, and it's related to Islamic themes. If that's not enough of a hint, it's the Abou Ben Adhem Shrine, and built (and still occupied) by the Shriners. The name comes from a poem written by an Englishman, so the only authentic part of this building is the calligraphy at the "minarets" - the "shahada" or Islamic testimony in the oneness of Allah. Adorned with extra snakes, of course, because these are Americans playing at foreign themes.

I don't know if they had free Internet in the 1960s with the rest of the sign, but with rooms under $30, there's a chance it's legitimately vintage. I threw in the bonus Kearney St. Plaza sign - Kearney Street being old US 66 (now MO Route 744) on the northeast side of the city.

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