Minnesota - Itasca Co.

Itasca County

Two photos of Cedar Lake to my left (left and right), two photos of Issac Lake to my right (left and right), heading east on County Route 7 near Scenic State Park.

The park turnoff is after the scenic state barn, and then I come to Lake of Isles on the right.

My best stab at a Sandwick Lake photo to the northeast.

Long Lake is a very long lake, and I get a very short stretch of it to photograph. The first two photos look east and south at the small piece on that side of the road, and the last photo looks west at the much longer stretch.

A panoramic photo of Round Lake, on County Route 52 north of Long Lake.

Back south on County Route 7, which passes enough of Holmes Lake to afford 5 whole photos to the west.

Here's another Isaac Lake, this one to the west. Again, I photograph it to the left and right, for consistency with the first Itasca County Isaac Lake. There are not so many lakes that this needed to be duplicated along the same road as the previous one.

Lawrence Lake on my left (east).

Just before County Route 7 ends at US Route 169, it comes to this nameless lake on the right. It's nameless because it's relatively new, having filled in a lot of things with names - mines. All of the following mines, in fact: Buckeye, King, Canisteo, Walker, Morrison, Danube, Orwell, South Judd, Sally, Bingham, Brown, North Star, Holman Cliffs. A baker's dozen. Take a breath. (In actual fact, I've only photographed the bog at the southeast end of the lake. But I took the time to look up all those mines, so I had to make you read them.)

Panning from left to right across Swan Lake in the Pengully area. I believe I'm on the north shore at the end of the path that leads south from East Shore Drive at Jefferson Boulevard.

Whether or not this is the best, I've saved the only different photo for last, the Marble Village Hall at Bawden Street and Alice Avenue in Marble. For a town named Marble, it could use some actual marble in its administrative building.

Hill Annex Mine
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