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Animals of Hawai`i

The unicorn fish, or if you turn a blind corner while snorkeling and don't have your eyes all the way open, the person fish. "Do dee oh do, I'm a personfish. Whatever am I doing in this tank? What a strange place to keep a person! Oh, well, I shall just continue to conduct my daily business, seeing as I am a person and all."

Geckos are everywhere in Hawai`i, using their toepads to climb to the ceilings. Mantises are harder to find, especially posed like this.

Getting the non-native animals out of the way. Roosters (and yes, often hens as well) are omnipresent on a few of the islands, having been introduced for farming decades ago and then either escaping or being let free. In fact, Kaua`i has become known as the Rooster Island, but these were photographed at the Nu`uanu Pali Lookout on O`ahu.

Hawai`i's state bird, the nene. Sadly, I didn't get to see one in the wild, because they're endangered and the favorite food of a few introduced species.

Some other native birds: Brazilian red-cap cardinal (actually not originally native, but they blend in pretty well), ibis, mynah, and black swan.

Juvenile and adult black-crowned night-herons (`auku`u in Hawaiian). The juveniles walk with a peculiar gait reminscent of an old, limping man. Without even knowing these were both herons, let alone the same bird, I photographed the second guy because of the situation. "So many choices..."

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