Misc. - Aerial photos - 2011 - Canyons

Aerial photos heading east - Canyons, 2011

In order to cross the canyons, I have to get to them, which means these photos head east from San Diego. For example, the fourth photo looks exactly like the Imperial Valley, with farming butting up against the foothills. Notice the snow at the highest elevations, even though it's the end of April.

First canyon west.

The next one opens out as it heads to the north.

Just a tributary canyon, until it meets the others.

The colors get better. I'm not sure what any of these canyons are, but I would be shocked if this one weren't an arm of the Grand Canyon.

Trying out different camera settings to bring out the colors.

More of the canyon, with a photo of the river that started it all.

It would seem that these are the eastern reaches.

But lo!, what is this? Actually, I'm just zooming in northward at the east end of the major canyon and the north end of the minor one from the previous few photos.

And now, a true farewell.

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