Maine - Portland - Danforth St.

Portland - Danforth Street

Heading east from 380 Danforth to 308 Danforth.

300 Danforth is a sister building to 308. See how many differences you can spot.

At Tate Street and Winter Street, respectively.

158 Danforth, just before State Street.

Looking west from High Street.

Various views of the 1860 Morse-Libby Mansion, also known as the Victoria Mansion. I'd argue it should just be the Morse Mansion, because it was built by hotelier Ruggles Sylvester Morse. The next owner was department store owner Joseph Ralph Libby. Queen Victoria was never involved in owning or managing this house, but a later owner decided that her name would be a good way to market the place as a museum since it was built during her life. By that logic, half of downtown Portland is the Victoria City. The Morse Mansion was very advanced, with central heat, gas lighting, and running water.

The museum store is in the old carriage house. Now is when I'll point out that this entire arrangement was just Morse's summer home. That's wealth.

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