Maine - Portland - State/High Sts.

Portland - State and High Streets (ME Route 77)

#38 (first photo) and #90 High Street.

#93 High Street and #95 Spring Street, the 1801 McLellan House (also called the McLellan-Sweat Mansion, but I prefer to honor the first owner when I have a choice of names). Of course, the McLellan House is on the corner of High Street.

Finishing out my travels on High Street (Route 77 north), this is #116, the 1880s Club Cumberland house.

Over to State Street, Route 77 south, here are #264 and #256. I'm following the street (and going against my photos), so numbers will decrease.

#243 State and a double, #234-236.

Two photos each of catty-corner buildings at the next intersection south, #30 and #39 Deering Street respectively. The former dates to 1875.

#218 State Street is on the southwest corner of Deering.

#209 and another double, #201-203.

Congress and State Streets form Longfellow Square, so of course you would find ol' Henry Wadsworth himself lounging in the middle (southwest corner). Click on the second photo for a closeup.

St. Dominic Roman Catholic Church is by Gray Street.

The 1801 Joseph Holt Ingraham House, also known as the Churchill House after a man by that name turned it into a boarding house by that name, was designed by notable architect Alexander Parris and owned by the man who laid out State Street, the very same that runs right by this #51.

Poor Francis Cook. He lived in #52, right across from such a famous place, and built his house nearly 40 years later. This wasn't even his first house in Portland, so it's labeled - right on the wall, no less - as Francis Cook House II. And I didn't even get a full photo. The shame. The ignominy.

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