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The Exposition Building on Park Avenue hosts rink- and floor-based sports. It apparently broadcasts the end-of-quarter (or period) horn around the city.

The Sea Dogs play at Hadlock Field, representing the only chance Portlanders have to venture outside for entertainment. Slight exaggeration. The field features a tribute to the Green Monster.

Amazingly, this still functions at Congress and Saint John Streets.

The former Maine Central Railroad Building is to the south on St. John Street.

Let me jump over to Park Street. This is the Carroll Mansion, #75-79.

1855 Stephen D. Hall House, #85 Park.

Another Hall, but this is the Parish Hall for Holy Trinity Hellenic Orthodox Church, heading east on Pleasant Street from Park Street.

1800 Thomas Delano House, #127 Pleasant.

Up to Congress Street now, I'm looking at the back of 12 Deering Street, which dates to the 1880s.

#660 Congress Street is another 1880s building, and very nearly didn't make it after falling into disuse at the time of this photo. I am privileged to inform you that it is a Queen Anne Victorian, even though Victorians are supposed to be associated with Queen Victoria. The Lafayette building is to the east.

Saving the best building for last, the 1888 Baxter Building at #619 Congress Street was the Portland Public Library for 90 years.

Since I'm heading that direction, here's the 1912 City Hall at #389 Congress.

The Hiker in Deering Oaks Park. Click on the first photo for a closeup.

Either this is a really small house or a really large bird.

This one's a real building. The Castle-in-the-Park was built in 1894, and the description I found claimed it was for warming ice skaters. It's Maine. I buy that as plausible.

Just hanging out, killing. I mean chilling.

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