Maine - Mt. Desert Island

Mount Desert Island (Acadia National Park)

Let's start from the mainland, looking wistfully south from Route 204 in Marlboro, Lamoine.

Echo Lake from south to north, along Route 102.

Looking east along Southwest Harbor toward Sutton Island. Greening Island is to its left, looking like more mainland.

I pull off to Route 102A to visit the Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse.

Looking west along the Acadian coast. It's not a beach.

If the bell is to be believed, the lighthouse dates to 1891. Actually, it's even older (1858), though the oldest remaining part (the bell tower, behind the light from this angle) dates to 1876.

East of there, Route 102A follows the top of this natural seawall, next to Seawall Campground, Seawall Ranger Station, and Seawall Picnic Area. I don't see what the big deal is, or much of anything at all.

Now over to Route 3, this is Upper Hadlock Pond from south to north, finishing on Bald Peak.

Before, I looked east along Southwest Harbor. Now, I look south along Northeast Harbor. I hate rules.

The southerly reach of Route 3 on the island passes south of Little Long Pond with a view of Penobscot Peak.

The west and east sides of Bracy Cove.

A range of hills to enjoy from there east: Cadillac Mountain, Dorr Mountain (2 photos), Huguenot Head (last photo and left of 4th photo), and Champlain Mountain.

The highway turns north around the east side of Dorr Mountain and passes by The Tarn, seen panning from north to south in the last 3 photos.

North of Bar Harbor along the bluffs of Paradise Hill, Lookout Point is ahead and Preble and Calf Islands are to the east across Frenchman Bay.

Route 3 comes to Western Bay and will now cross Mt. Desert Narrows, returning me to the mainland.

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