Wellesley College

Wellesley College

The 2005 Boston Marathon passes the Scream Tunnel on MA Route 135 in front of Wellesley. For some, it's also the kiss tunnel, but not for the leader of the marathon.
The photography in this section comes from the top of one of the tallest buildings outside the immediate Boston area, 182-foot Galenstone Tower on Green Hall in the very center of Wellesley's Academic Quad.

Looking southwest at scenic Lake Waban. There is a trail around the lake, mostly graded but sometimes disappearing into the underbrush; the lake is large enough that the town of Wellesley owns part of that trail, closing it overnight and forcing amorous couples to seek lakeside lovin' on campus only.

Southeastward, toward the Route 16 entrance.

Turning north, and looking at the northern (older) cluster of dormitories. The U-shaped building in the background is actually three separate buildings; the legs of the U are Beebe Hall on the left and Shafer Hall on the right, and the back of the U is Cazenove Hall to the left of center and Pomeroy Hall to the right. In the right foreground is Pendleton Hall, part of the Academic Quad as well.

This nighttime photo, obviously in a different location, looks straight up at the green-toned copper mini-tower atop the center of Cazenove/Pomeroy.

Returning to Galenstone Tower, facing the rising moon in the east.

The southernmost of the four corners of the roof of Galenstone, which on the outside is a pretty mix of stone and brick.

Looking eastward, with Tower Court in the foreground and the Science Center in the background. (The idea of a Science Center is strange to the average MIT student, who also has no problem with Humanities being entirely in Building 14.) Tower Court is another old dorm, and once had servants' quarters deep underneath in the basement - and those servants had to climb down to the subbasement just to return up and serve people!

Even farther east, over the Science Center, on the horizon... it's... city! Yes, Boston, about 15 miles to the east, is visible only from this high up through a notch in the hills. (By the way, Wellesley College is in "Wellesley Hills", an opulent section of Wellesley town.)

A ground-level view of Lake Waban, with a sculpted tree garden in the background.

A duck decides to pay his human visitors a visit, quacking vociferously and generally being quite a welcoming host to Paramecium Pond. Is it called that because of its shape, or the life that's in it? Yes.

In the distance, a blue heron does what he does best: perch in perfect balance and be large and blue. He's unfortunately less friendly than the duck.

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