Kentucky - Frankfort


Entering Frankfort from the west, and half-blinded by the snow, I manage to pick out the 1830 Old State Capitol (domed, to the right in the 1st photo) and its annex.

Frankfort is split in two by the Kentucky River. What I'd call downtown is on the north side, while the south is more residential. This old house, then, is squarely in the middle of downtown, near the Capital Avenue (KY Route 420) Bridge.

Continuing straight on Capital Avenue when Route 420 turns, I end up at the curent Capitol - only one letter off, not terrible. The Civil War sign is in back to the right.

Poking around the back of the Capitol, I find that it, too, has an annex, as seen in the last two photos. Kentucky just doesn't build enough building when it builds.

Finishing my trip around the Capitol. Don't mind the ominous patterns in the trim; the Capitol dates to 1910, before World War II forever changed their meaning.

Back onto Route 420, leaving the city to the southeast, I pass by the Executive Mansion and some poorly worded blather about New Capitol replacing Old Capitol, avoiding the use of definite articles and verbs wherever possible.

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