Idaho - US Route 2/US Route 95

US Route 2 and Routes 2/95

All photos outside Sandpoint were taken heading west.

McArthur Lake, and its dam, along US Routes 2/95 by McArthur.

Driving by Schweitzer Mountain on my way to Sandpoint, no longer adorned (or visible) after ski season.

I circled the block for this former Sandpoint hotel, now a collection of stores, on Pine Street (Route 2 east) at South 2nd Avenue.

Heading past Dover, Gold Cup Mountain is to the west and the hills west of Black Pine Mountain are to the south.

The road is heading kind of southward here, so I'm panning from roughly south to east along the Pend Oreille (Hanging Ear) River.

Looking left and right a minute later, I may spy Black Pine Mountain to the southeast.

Heading west in Laclede, then looking north as I cross the Pend Oreille River on my way into Washington.

Onto US Route 95 alone

Into Washington on US Route 2
Into Montana on US Route 2
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