Florida - Key West - Sunset

Sunset in Key West

Looking south, the pleasure boats are out in force carrying sunset seekers who just can't stand to see it from shore. The more you pay, perhaps the better the view. Seagulls get it for free. The aptly named island off starboard is Sunset Key.

Sunset begins. Ships and birds are thrilled. I continue to play with camera settings, alternately letting in more or less light to change the appearance of the sun and sky. In the distance, a dark red-sailed ship ominously approaches innocent sailboaters. Among your many sunset cruise choices happens to be a pirate experience. Woe unto the unwary boater who gets boarded.

The last two photos, taken just a second apart, show the effect of two different exposure settings. I like the luminosity of colors with the quicker exposure (less light), but the brighter, longer exposure paints the world in pastels and lets you see some of Sunset Key.

I nominate this photo for a sunset cruise brochure.

As the sun slips below the horizon, it appears to grow due to refracted light. The amazing aspect of Key West sunsets is the green tint in the sky, clearly visible in the last photo. Some say there is a green flash right as the sun is setting, but I did not see it this day.

Even after the sun has set, there is plenty of light for quite some time. The boats make a beeline for shore before it all goes dark, and docks, restaurants, and bars light up in anticipation of nightly festivities. This happens to be March, so spring break enlivens the city even more than usual, even on a weekday.

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