District of Columbia - Rally to Restore Sanity - Signs/Misc.

Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear - Signs and Miscellany

The whole point of a rally against political extremity is to bring rally signs that are entirely devoid of politics. I figured that cookies were a pretty safe bet to cross the aisle and reach compromise. My sister chose a metamessage that gets deeper the more you look at it. I win, because my sign ended up on the front page of the New York Times the next morning. That's the advantage of being four rows back from the media pathway - and taller than my sister.

Question - which person is holding that sign? The woman has that sorta smile on her face.

Okay, some of the messages got a little political, or at least politically relevant, but I value the humor.

Hey! Well, maybe I like being evil.

A pair of pumpkins were among some of the more notable "signs" picked up by news media. I didn't get the Stewart one on camera though.

A popular sign because it satisfied the crowd's urge to bat objects in the air.

The signs were still very much out and about after the end of the rally. I won't pretend to know why it's George W. with the quote in the last photo, but it's a good quote.

There were many Waldos, but only one banana. There were many "God hates" signs, but only one about apples.

Is it odd that I ran into this guy again long after the rally dispersed? What are the odds, or could there actually have been two green men?

More costumes emerged on the streets of DC, including one that needed a sign to truly be outstanding.

The large TV screens mostly kept the crowd warmed up with trivia questions and segments of the Daily Show and Colbert Report that led up to the rally. Occasionally there was starfish porn, I guess to test if people were paying attention or still half-asleep.

Other random interludes: scary fears (I picked the scariest for you) submitted before the event and a swimming elephant.

After watching this, maybe I don't want refreshments after all.

Other ways to warm up a crowd: Freak them out with a music video, and start a countdown.

The Abraxas crew from the Burning Man festival way out in Nevada put together this bus that creaked its way across the country just to bring a real party to the streets of DC. The dragonmobile is very much like a reverse mullet - party on top, business below.

Some of the characters partying on and around or just generally associated with the bus. They gave out tea and were generally very amicable, if you can get past the outlandish costumes and vague notion that there must be drugs somewhere. Pretty sure there weren't, though.

Click to watch Abraxas and the dragonmobile pull out for their parade. It's really just driving off, but whenever that thing moves, it's effectively a one-vehicle parade, in this case with a police escort to navigate the crowds.

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