District of Columbia - Rally to Restore Sanity
Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear

The genesis for the event was in August 2010, when two concurrent but vastly different events were held in Washington: a rally for conservatives and a march to maintain civil rights progress. Jon Stewart decided that in response to the "Restoring Honor" rally, he would have a Rally to Restore Sanity. Given the steady uptick in political rhetoric, this sounded like a tremendous idea, except of course consider that he is a comedian and not a politician. With predictable but flawless timing, Stewart's friend but television archnemesis Stephen Colbert took the civil rights march and crafted a March to Keep Fear Alive. The comedy escalated until Stephen realized he didn't have a permit to march, at which point the two joined forces in a joint rally that was probably much funnier and better executed than having them do it separately. This unique event drew over 200,000 people, most of whom could not see the stage or hear what was going on because the crowd stretched back well past the Washington Monument. However, I got there early with tremendous position to actually see the stage, so these photos are about as good as I could get without either a professional 20x lens or being media.

Part 1 of the rally

Part 2 of the rally

Signs and miscellany (the good stuff)

For reference, the stage and Capitol building are east and the Washington Monument is west, so I don't have to caption every photo on each page.

Unlike New Year's Eve in NYC, the rally was equipped to handle the needs of the crowd.

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