California - Ventura Co.

Ventura County

California Highway 126 westbound from Interstate 5, ending up on the east side of Santa Paula. Guess what, it's sunset.

Heading north from there on Highway 150 toward Ojai until there's no sun left for photography.

Views to the east from Grand Avenue (first photo) and Highway 150 southbound (next two) leaving Ojai from whence I came.

Speaking of Ojai, this is the downtown 1958 Chevy and 1917 post office. The post office has a working chime in the bell tower. The Chevy probably has working parts, too. (As was the custom at the time, the Chevy body could belong to any of three models, and the only distinguishing feature was the level of interior trim.)

Scenes from my cousin's farm out in the hills above Ojai. It features cacti, citrus, and cats. There's also a blue heron, but that doesn't begin with "C." I can't tell what the flower is, but there's at least a 1/26 probability it could begin with "C" as well.

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