California - CA 98

CA Route 98

Photos progress westward.

Leaving Calexico, El Centinela (Mt. Signal) is to my left in México. Sierra Cucapa is behind it to the south (1st photo) and Sierra Juarez is to the southwest (last photo).

Past El Centinela, these hills in front of Sierra Juarez mark the end of the Yuha Desert. The first 3 and last 2 photos are each a set from left-right.

The northern reaches of Yuha Desert are marked by the Yuha Buttes.

The first 4 photos pan from left to right on the sunrise-lit hills. The last 3 pan more broadly from south to norh.

The little brown hill in front of Sierra Juarez to the southwest is Cerro Colorado, still in México.

The hills start (1st photo) right where Sierra Juarez (behind them) crosses into the USA. The wind farm starts to the north and really picks up after Ocotillo.

The road starts to curve north, facing the Coyote Mountains.

Looking left and right as Route 98 briefly curves back west before finishing its journey northwesterly.

The northern end of Sierra Juarez (featured in the 2nd photo) and the hills in front of it.

Panning from west to north, nearing the end of the road.

As I said before, the wind turbines really pick up after Ocotillo.

Mills to the west of me, Coyote Mountain ahead (still).

A look back east and then west as I merge onto Interstate 8 to head into the Jacumba Mountains.

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