British Columbia - Trans-Canada Highway 1/Highway 97

Trans-Canada Highway 1 and Highways 1/97

All of the highways come together on the west sie of Kamloops due to the mountainous topography. This faces west on Trans-Canada Highway 1, but it's also south on Highway 5 and north on Highway 97.

Trans-Canada Highway 1, Hope and west
 ~ Victoria, with Highway 1 (Douglas Street)

Trans-Canada Highway 1/Highway 97, Cache Creek to Kamloops

Highways 1 and 97 leave Highway 5 and strike out west toward Cache Creek. Notice all the gold mining terms I'm using. The first thing the highway does is pass by an active gold mine (well, and copper). What looks like a retention basin in the last photo has a name: Polygon Pond. It's not even polygonal.

Onto Highway 97 alone

Into Alberta on Trans-Canada Highway 1
Highway 1 roads photos
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