British Columbia - Highway 93 - Mt. Kindersley-Radium Hot Spgs.

Highway 93, Mount Kindersley to Radium Hot Springs

Mt. Kindersley is another named peak in the Brisco Range, south of Mt. Norman. These photos pan from the former to the latter.

Kindersley is a mountain of many peaks. I believe you can see N4, E2, and SE5 in my photos, with the closeup being SE5.

A long pan from south to northwest, all things that aren't Mt. Kindersley: Mounts Harkin, Daer, and Selkirk; what might be Catlin Peak; and finally looking back at Split Peak, which featured on my previous page north.

All along the long ridge of Mt. Harkin, from south to east, ending at McLeod Meadows. The gap in the last photo separates that ridge from the actual Mt. Harkin peak to its north; they connect behind it to the east.

Back to Mt. Kindersley with Mt. Sinclair beyond. Highway 93 will cut between them presently.

Mt. Harkin ends and Millstone and Tangle Peaks appear in the distance - or at least the ridge in front of them.

Mount Kindersley, Mount Sinclair.

As Highway 93 ascends the side of Mt. Kindersley approaching Sinclair Pass, I get above the treeline for more views of the Harkin ridge and the Kootenay River valley.

Photos start at Tangle Peak and pan east past Millstone Peak along the Mt. Harkin ridge. Notice how you can now see two actual, snowy peaks.

Centered on Millstone Peak.

A selection of photos into the north side of Mt. Sinclair, as I enter Sinclair Pass and leave the peaks of Brisco Range behind.

Sinclair Pass is on the eastern end of the cut between the mountains, so this is as far as I have to go to get there.

Now over the pass, eponymous Sinclair Creek begins alongside the highway. Mt. Kindersley is on my right in the first photo, and the others tend left toward Mt. Sinclair in the early June snow. Hey, I'm in the Rockies.

Mt. Sinclair transitions into Redstreak Mountain on the left, and Mt. Kindersley transitions into Mt. Berland on the right.

Entering Radium Hot Springs through Sinclair Canyon, along Sinclair Creek, which flows from Mt. Sinclair starting at Sinclair Pass.

The creek goes through a spot too narrow for a road, so it was either blast away mountains or build this short tunnel.

The road squeezes between Redstreak Mountain and Mt. Berland before it comes out into the puzzling tourist area of Radium Hot Springs. Didn't we figure out radioactivity is bad over a century ago?

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