British Columbia - Highway 3 - Elko-Fernie

Highway 3, Crowsnest Highway - Elko to Fernie

All photos were taken heading northeast.

Starting where I left off the previous page, but now east of Highway 93, these two peaks to my southeast are Mt. Broadwood.

And just like the previous page, these photos look north into the Lizard Range. The rocks at the southeastern corner of the range look somewhat like lizard scales (think dinosaur or alligator).

As the highway stays next to the Lizard Range, these photos follow the ridge on the east side of Mt. Broadwood.

Looking south down a bend in the Elk River, and then looking east at an outgrowth of the Lizards.

More easterly to southerly Mt. Broadwood views, though by the last photo I have come to the base of the northeasterly slope and will be leaving it behind.

Highway 3 curves more northerly and Morrissey Ridge comes into view. While the Lizard Range will stay on my left for the rest of this page, Morrissey Ridge will accompany me on my right from here to Fernie.

The Lizard Range briefly gets really interesting, until I pass under it.

More Morrissey Ridge, featuring the Elk River, until another bend in the road reveals the Three Sisters to its left. The highway never quite gets there, but they overlook it in Fernie.

Panning from right to left across the part of the Lizard Range that is now to my left (west).

For those keeping score at home, there's yet another player on the team: Mt. Fernie is to the left of the Three Sisters, the peak mostly bereft of snow. These photos pan back east across the Elk to the end of Morrissey Ridge.

Here's some more Mt. Fernie and some more Three Sisters, looking north. The last photo was taken at Lizard Creek, which of course drains the Lizard Range into the Elk River.

After Morrissey Ridge ends, what do we want? More ridges! Fernie Ridge picks up in the background of the first photo in this left-right pair.

Panning from north (Fernie) to northeast (Three Sisters).

One more similar pan brings me to the outskirts of Fernie, the city (as opposed to the Mount or the Ridge).

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