Arizona - US 66 - Yavapai Co.

Yavapai County (along former US 66)

The only divided section of US 66 in the middle of the desert, this widening accommodated traffic to the tourist trap known as Grand Canyon Caverns. Pretty sure it's no longer warranted.
Looking to the north along the Coconino/Yavapai county line, the arbitrary point where State Route 66 ends along old US 66.

Looking back west at the end of what I just passed.

Yes, there be snow. The elevations be high.

Old businesses in Seligman, which is where old US 66 rejoins modern Interstate 40.

Still in Yavapai County, but now following I-40 west of Ash Fork and looking back northwest at the same mountain range as before. The view from old US 66 would have been the same, because I-40 overlays the old route to the point that there's nothing to follow.

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