Arizona - US 66 - Winslow

Winslow (along former US 66)

Heading east into the city. Okay, it's a little odd to see a building with buildings on it. In fact, the Chief Theater is the same building. The possibility is preserved that someday, the mural will be repainted to show how the buildings looked to turn-of-the-millennium tourists, leading to an infinite recursion of historic storefronts that may open up a time-travel wormhole back to the Wild West.

Other downtown buildings. The theater and bank are on US 66 eastbound (a one-way street, so westbound is a block over), while the post office is between both directions of old 66 on what is still current State Routes 99 north and 87 south. (99 heads west on old 66 from here, and 87 heads east.)

While circling around downtown, I found the former Moore's Shop on US 66 westbound. Most of the old stuff is eastbound on what was the original 1920s road.

Continuing east through town. When souvenirs and jewelry didn't work out, there was always the fallback of rocks. Or so Mr. Bumsley thought.

Truth in advertising.

Past the point of no return east of Winslow, the only reason now to head down the dead end is for the historic trading post, which was closed when I got there after noon on a weekday. Do Winslow merchants have a death wish?

It's only fitting to find a vintage car on a vintage road. The vintage clothing is a nice touch.

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