Arizona - US 66/I-40

Interstate 40 (former US 66) scenery

Photos progress eastward from Holbrook.

Mesas loom threateningly to the south. Prepare for battle.

The Painted Desert looms peacefully to the north. Prepare for beauty.

The mesas have been defeated, and this is all they have left.

The rocks to the north gradually become less painted.

On the south side of the road by Exit 333. I am certain the removed panel said "66"; even allowing for years of aging, I have to question the definition of "best".

In my opinion, the most beautiful terrain I-40 passes through in the entire country.

Somehow, the north is now the plain direction.

Nearing the New Mexico border, the scenery takes a turn for the otherworldly. Several natural arches present themselves tantalizingly close to the roadway, painted in the natural sandstone hues.

I was basically taking photos non-stop - look how many come between successive views of the arch on the right.

Amazingly, this all dissipates very shortly across the New Mexico border. You may want to pause at Exit 359 and soak it all in.

The westbound Exit 359 onramp merges in directly underneath these cliffs. How well could you merge with this scenery over your shoulder?

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