Arizona - US 66 - Holbrook

Holbrook (along former US 66)

The unique, famous Route 66 motel seems to be in perfect operating condition. That's a cute idea, you might think. But as you pass the motel, the parking lot comes into view:

So, clearly, the motel is no longer operational, or else it is frozen in a Twilight Zone display. You can look to your heart's content, but don't enter the parking lot or you'll be trapped 50 years ago when color TV was a luxury and Communism was more dangerous than not wearing a bike helmet or seatbelts.

The rest of Holbrook is similarly old. You want vacancy? All you ever need, right here.

Just like in Winslow, rocks do not make a viable economic base.

Know why this failed? Petrified wood occurs when a dead tree's wood is replaced by minerals, creating a rock. Once again, a rock business that failed to thrive. At least in this case they offered something else, but then again, there's something unsettlingly seedy about a petrified wood company. Are they in the business of manufacturing new old wood?

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