Arizona - US 66 - Mohave CR 10 scenery

Mohave County Route 10 (former US 66) scenery

Looking north and east as I leave Topock in the morning. Although US 66 was an east-west route, the road here heads north into the desert.

The view to the west.

Into the mountains a bit, looking north and west.

Like cacti? Here's cacti.

What passes for a mountain pass. It's a pun.

The west is much more scenic than the east in the morning thanks to the sun's rays.

Trying to coax some beauty out of the eastern photos as I near Oatman. Termites are now adding to the geologic architecture.

Anything to the west or north? Just fine. Anything to the east? Well, I'm not waiting around for the afternoon.

The view leaving Oatman and entering private mining land to the east. Thanks to a series of switchbacks, my photos start to turn through the west and toward the south. This is what scenery does when you're not watching.

Pausing at a switchback with a pullout and looking north. Old US 66 snakes in the foreground of the last two photos.

Just because it's dark doesn't mean there isn't scenery to the east.

Panning from south to north a minute or two to the east.

My favorite rock formations are the uncaptionable ones. Mother Nature is no prude.

The next view to the south...

And to the north, craning back west as far as I can.

Last looks north and south.

The roadway dead-ends in McConnico where it was cut off by the new Interstate through a small canyon. This is the northeastern canyon wall.

Oatman (along CR 10)
Continue west into California on old US 66 (Needles)
Continue east on old US 66 to Kingman
Road photos from CR 10

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