Arizona - Camelback Mtn.

Camelback Mountain

Progressively northward views, looking east from 44th St. on the west side of the mountain and Echo Canyon park. There's not much in the way of canyon or park, but there are plenty of expensive houses.

Proceeding around Echo Canyon Parkway. I guess this is what Phoenix considers a "canyon," but then again, Camelback is what Phoenix considers a "mountain." Hint: Arizona has much better examples of both types of geological formations. These sorta look like I'm just tooling around Bedrock.

Looking south from McDonald Drive. Here it at least looks like a mountain, albeit minus the height.

And now looking west from Invergordon Rd., down to the corner with Camelback Rd., where guess what, I'm going to complete the loop:

The mountain is hard to see from Camelback Rd. (you'd think it would be easiest based on the name) due to houses and palm trees, so your best shots are at E. 61st Place and Phoenician Blvd.

Looking north along Arcadia Drive.

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