Arizona - From the Air

Arizona from the air

All photos look north in an eastbound airplane.

Unusual coloration marks the transition from Virgin Mountains (left) and Nevada to Black Rock Mountains (right, aptly named) and Arizona. Sullivan's Canyon is in the back between the two.

Varied terrain over the next few minutes leads to the long line of Hurricane Cliffs.

To give you an idea of the airplane's position, the northerly of these two mesas (Little Creek Mountains, 2nd photo) is in Utah, while the southerly (Lost Spring Mountain, 3rd photo) is in Arizona. The Vermilion Cliffs (last 2 photos) are behind those to the east, topped by the less vermilion Canaan Mountain.

The Moccasin Mountains and Moquith Mountains, arranged SW-NE respectively, are also part of Vermilion Cliffs.

Looking north into Utah at Glendale Bench as the plane angles across the border.

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