Alberta - Canada Olympic Park

First glimpses of the 1988 ski jumps from Stoney Trail (Highway 201) southbound. The biggest ones are still used for competitions, but the small ones on the left are slated for demolition after Calgary abandoned its 2026 Winter Olympics bid, leaving them without the money that would otherwise have had to be invested.

These photos are a little out of order, but I took the closeups before the general view of the grounds. This is your best chance to see the bobsled/luge track winding through the trees.

Onto the grounds of the park. The former skiing hills next to the ski jumps are being turned into... skiing hills. But it's not the same. The only Olympic skiing done off the jumps was Nordic cross-country (which was half an event, paired with jumping) and freestyle. Everything else was at Nakiska to the west.

The west side of the grounds is headed by the day lodge, now the visitors centre. As of 2013, the ski area was busy converting the hills into halfpipes and other low-elevation interests.

This outbuilding, now called the ATCO Centre, once served an Olympic function.

Looking northeast as I leave the site.

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