Alberta - Athabasca Falls

Athabasca Falls

As seen from the parking area on a rainy day, looking south at the Athabasca River and then panning east toward Mt. Kerkeslin.

The falls come next, and I'm still saving the best for last. Even on a rainy June day, the falls aren't particularly impressive in terms of the wet component. All those rocks and pine trees, though, make for a compelling visit, as you will find out.

More falls views from the pedestrian bridge and the landing area on the south side of the river. I think the south falls overlook was closed, so this is the closest I could get. But now you can see what I mean with the rocks - the river has a brief canyon just downstream of the falls.

Let's explore those rocks. I'm looking across at the southern landing area, which is atop a small pool that has carved its way down through the seemingly buttery rock wall over aeons. The canyon continues west...

Views west from the pedestrian bridge, looking up and then over to the right (north) canyon wall.

Now looking down the east side of the bridge, then up to a side chasm in the north wall.

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