Alberta - Highway 93 (Icefields Parkway)

Highway 93, Icefields Parkway
Jasper and Banff National Parks

Photos and pages progress from north to south.

What I believe to be a black billed magpie was also progressing from north to south.

Jasper National Park
 ~ North of Tangle Ridge

       ~ Athabasca Falls
       ~ Sunwapta Falls
 ~ Tangle Ridge and south
       ~ Columbia Icefield

Banff National Park
 ~ Big Bend and north
 ~ Big Bend to Mount Wilson
 ~ Mount Wilson to Bow Summit
 ~ Bow Summit to Mosquito Creek
 ~ Mosquito Creek and south
       ~ Trans-Canada Highway 1 and Highways 1/93

Quoth the raven, "Look at me. I'm pretty badass."

Into British Columbia on Highway 93
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