Alberta - Highway 507

Highway 507

As Highway 507 begins near Burmis, my photos pan from Byron Hill in the south past Spades Peak to Hillcrest Mountain in the west.

Nondescript scenery to the east.

Looking back northwest toward the beginning of the highway, Turtle Mountain is to the left and Robertson Peak is to the right. Turtle Mountain and its noticeable rock slide feature heavily on my Highway 3 page.

Past the hills around Beaver Mines, Victoria Peak is the most noticeable prominence.

The next peak west is Mount Gladstone, featured here in these additional southward views.

One southward photo before Beaver Mines, one after as the highway turns east.

The rest of this page is just gonna be windmills. The last 4 photos are 2 pairs of left/right snaps.

The last 6 photos are 3 pairs of left/right snaps.

On up to Pincher Creek at Highway 6.

Highway 507 roads photos
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