West Virginia Roads - WV 92/US 33/US 48/US 219/US 250/WV 55

WV 92, WV 92/US 250, WV 92/WV 55/US 219/250, WV 92/US 33/48/250

West Virginia likes to maintain long route numbers with long concurrencies. WV 92 has three other routes along for the ride in three separate places on either side of Elkins.

May as well start with a concurrency, courtesy H.B. Elkins.

That moment when you don't have a better name for your road. SB in Durbin, obviously now on WV 92/US 250 together.

West across the West Fork Greenbrier River. The 1907 bridge was closed soon after I drove it and removed in late 2019 or 2020 with no replacement. That's a shame.

Looking north and south along the river.

Back east to modern US 250. Notice the surface of the bridge has wooden boards and dirt. I do understand why it was removed, even if I don't like it.

WV 92/US 250 enter Randolph County exactly 17 miles after US 250 entered West Virginia. They then cross Shavers Fork together.

Looking back south at that bridge.

I believe the first sign is NB at US 219/WV 55. I know the school signal was in Mill Creek on WV 92/US 219/US 250 NB and WV 55 EB and has been replaced with a sign between two flashers.

Continuing north-north-northeast. The 2nd photo shows that the U.S. Homestead is just a regular house.

WV 92 prepares to swap WV 55 EB for US 33 WB. There may be a simpler way to express that everything is in the right lane.

The second quadruplex of WV 92's existence, swapping out WV 55 EB for US 33 WB.

WV 92 then does something strange, and unique to this page: it breaks off on its own. US 33/219/250 head north through the Leadsville area of Elkins to get to Corridor H (US 48), whereas WV 92 follows old US 33/250 for a more direct westward path. Generally, US 33/250 traffic is actually best served by staying on WV 92 here. As far as I can tell, the greenout hides a "WEST US 33", possibly with a "NORTH WV 92" thrown in.

Here's the EB sign at the same location, which was not patched to include WEST US 33 to the left and therefore clued me in to what was covered WB. I don't see WV 92 at all, but it was here since 1970 before these signs were made. I've never seen another assembly like this over intersection lanes. Click for closeup, because it's unique and button copy.

WV 92 NB through western Elkins and the Roaring Creek plain west of Elkins.

WV 92 comes to Corridor H, which is now carrying the longer paths of US 33 and US 250. When I was there in 2013, US 48 was not yet complete across the state and so not posted here, but now this is the third quadruple concurrency for WV 92.

Back to just WV 92 and US 250, NB until they split. Why would arrows and sign corners fade before letters and straight borders?

Closing with yet another concurrency.

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