West Virginia Roads - WV 88

WV 88

Not much to see NB between WV 86 and US 40.

SB at the same old bridge that ended the NB run, leaving US 40.

But on the corner with US 40 is Shepherd Hall, also known as Stone House, and clearly also known as Monument Place. Maybe that's because there's a Shriners monument outside, and possibly others I didn't photograph or see. (Or that's a Turkish guy. I really don't know. He has a fez and is holding a child. That seems Shrinerly.)

Oh, by the way, there's a baseball field on the left just before that old bridge where WV 88 meets US 40. Park at the school, walk through the field to the trees at the back, and peer across the river to see this 19th-century stone arch (unfortunately refaced in concrete) that's one of the original National Road bridges on US 40. WV 88 then turns to cross it - see the big link below.

Skipping US 40, this is SB at the other end of the concurrency. You could also turn left and get to I-70, as indicated at the other intersection. Following US 40 will do that.

SB through West Liberty to an old bridge on the south side of town at SR 9, North Fork Short Creek Rd. (It's a road named after a forked creek, not a forked road named after a creek.)

Just four months before the SB photo in September 2011, I was through that same area and SR 9's bridge parapets were yellow on the south side and pink on the north side. Bring back the color coding!

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