West Virginia Roads - WV 68/US 33

WV 68 and WV 68/US 33

WV 68 is old WV 2 from Ravenswood through Parkersburg, where 2 now hops on I-77 for a free ride. An unnecessary free ride, in my book, since whatever through traffic is using the WV 2 corridor should probably be on OH 7 instead. Or maybe that's why WV 2 was upgraded, to keep traffic on this side of the river. All photos on this page were taken while traveling SB and so are presented in that order, but they sometimes face different ways.

WVDOH wants to make very sure traffic stops before turning onto WV 14 to join it through Parkersburg. The Parkersburg Memorial Toll Bridge is ahead, which you can tell from the toll plaza in the 1st photo.

Skipping over the WV 14/68 concurrency (see big link at bottom), Ann St. leaves WV 68 and heads toward the Blennerhassett Island ferry landing. There is multilevel truss action going on.

Across the Little Kanawha River at dawn next to this fine railroad truss and the Ohio River. The last photo teases some more truss bridges to the north:

The Parkersburg-Belpre Bridge, former US 50 and now WV 618, is in front of the Parkersburg Bridge (CSX).

I lied before. This one photo was taken while traveling NB, but I was really following US 50 EB at the time.

For fun, here are some photos of the railroad truss next to WV 68 taken from Ohio. It amuses me that the welcome sign isn't visible from WV, so you're only being welcomed if you're not in the town.

You may not be surprised to learn this is the Belleville Locks and Dam.

Across Pond Creek, still following the river (as WV 2 tends to do).

Downtown Ravenswood. The unusual one way sign accompanies a standard one at Mulberry St.

WV 68 meets US 33 coming across the Ravenswood Bridge on the south side of town, picking it up and carrying it south to WV 2, where WV 68 then ends. (WV 68 could end at US 33, but then it wouldn't fulfill its role of being old WV 2.) US 33 used to cross the Ohio River at Mason, a road numbered OH 833 on the other side as a giveaway, and then followed what's now WV 62 east from there. This bridge started as WV 338 in 1981, and only in 2003 was US 33 ready on the Ohio side to connect into it and move over from Mason.

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