West Virginia Roads - WV 20/US 19

WV 20 and 20/US 19

WV 20 and US 19 NB multiplex around the Mercer County Courthouse in Princeton. WV 20 just began a few miles ago at US 52, and has a couple hundred miles to go before it improbably returns to US 19 way up in Clarksburg. From bottom to top of the state, WV 20 is the longest WV state highway.

NB in Buckhannon at the new Corridor H. In the pre-H days, this would already have been US 119 NB as well.

SB at the same interchange, with US 119 SB leaving onto US 33 WB.

Now in Clarksburg, yes, with US 19, SB from the unique signals at N. 27th St. to the old arch bridge that takes US 19 away from WV 20 to the south.

How did the railroad get all the way up there? West Virginia's hilly, and Lambert's Run Rd. just happens to slice through a gap between those hills caused by, yeah, Lambert's Run. US 19 (and, for now, WV 20) is down in the West Fork River valley, so the railroad has nowhere to be but up. For reference, the trestle is just west of US 19/WV 20, and the sign faces SB traffic at the intersection.

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