West Virginia Roads - WV 2 - N. of Wheeling

WV 2 north of Wheeling

Photos are southbound unless I say otherwise, and thus progress in that direction.

WV 2 WB begins here at the street corner with old US 30, which is now mainly the set of ramps to and from US 30 WB. The second photo faces east from the end of WV 2 with old 30 continuing straight and the ramps heading right.

Dude, that's a lot of pot. You could, like, totally live inside. I'm hungry.

Heading SB under US 30.

NB, same place.

The Newell Toll Bridge is a totally awesome steel truss, but it has a toll. The US 30 bridge a mile to the east is free. I understand this is more convenient for Newell residents to cross to East Liverpool, OH, but for 5 minutes and 3 miles? There are communities along the Ohio where you have to drive 20 miles to get to the nearest bridge, and 40 miles to the next nearest if that one's closed. With two bridges in one mile, if the new one is free, the old one should be as well. Otherwise, toll the new one too. Then I'd have a reason to try this one.

Route 2 rocks! Err, a Route 2 rock.

The steeples of Toronto, OH give way to century-old WV 2 (or just the river road) just north of Weirton.

This unique drive through the heart of the machines and pipes is in northern Weirton, something unmatched by any other road I've been on (especially a state highway).

Weirton straddles Hancock and Brooke Counties. Hancock County was created from Brooke in 1848, but Weirton wasn't formed until 60 years later. I don't care which order those events happened, the later one should have accounted for the earlier.

The U.S. Army watches over the onramp that takes WV 2 SB to US 22 WB. The missiles don't have much range from this altitude.

SB onto and off of US 22 WB, transitioning from a two-lane street to a four-lane divided highway. The two photos of the US 22 Veterans Memorial Bridge sandwich the old (but still drivable) Fort Steuben Bridge, former US 22.

Back NB (well, taking three of those over my shoulder while heading SB) onto and off of US 22 EB.

SB past a railroad bridge and through the cutaway hills to East Steubenville and the 1905 Market Street Bridge, one of three bridges to Steubenville and the only one not ever US 22.

Industry dominates the drive toward Wheeling, with two different railroad bridges and with factories and power plants on both sides of the river.

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