West Virginia Roads - WV 2 (Parkersburg-Wheeling)/US 250

WV 2, Parkersburg-Wheeling, and US 250/WV 2

All photos were taken southbound.

SB through Wheeling, passing by the Wheeling Suspension Bridge.

Somewhere in that stretch, US 40 WB hops onto WV 2 SB and then hops off again just as quickly to get onto I-70 WB. Because of the design of the Fort Henry Bridge truss, there's no merge room at the top of the ramp.

Oddly, Truck WV 2 takes you on Main St. through more of Wheeling's city streets than if you follow regular WV 2. This calls for a "Business" banner. And don't tell through traffic to keep right when the main route goes left to I-470. (Which requires another "TO" banner in the last photo. Signs are cheap. Come on, WVDOH.)

The Bellaire or Interstate Bridge was a private toll bridge from 1926 to 1991. By the time you read this, it will be gone. It sat idle for 20 years with no one able to come to a resolution that would reconnect the bridge to Ohio and keep it open to collect tolls to keep it in good repair. Sadly, it has become too derelict to be saved.

Continuing south with US 250 on the old river road to Glen Dale. Rebecca Daugherty informs me that the wall in the first 3 photos was built by Moundsville Penitentiary inmates.

7th St. WB in Moundsville thinks it's US 250 NB, but it isn't. Someone tell Moundsville.

From Moundsville in the first 2 photos to the now-shuttered Kammer Power Plant.

Just to be very clear, the New Martinsville Bridge is WV 7, and then leads to OH 7, but OH 7 is not a continuation of WV 7. In fact, OH 7 parallels WV 2 for hundreds of miles. This can be a source of confusion, so the "Ohio" is welcome on the sign for the ramp to WV 7 WB.

Past an old alignment to a left turn in Sistersville.

Old Sistersville signs at Charles St. and WV 18.

The Hi Carpenter Memorial Bridge to Ohio and Pleasants Power Station a few miles past it.

Ongoing widening from 2 lanes to 5 (4 with a center turn lane) approaching I-77 outside Parkersburg. I'm on the new pavement, and the old road is now being rebuilt (April 2013).

A barely-together work zone sign takes WV 2 off of its historic alignment, which continues as WV 68 through Parkersburg.

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