West Virginia Roads - WV 14 Alt.

WV 14 Alternate

There is no question from WVDOH's route logs that this route exists, starting from a fork with WV 14 at Broadway Ave. in South Parkersburg, providing a second link from this half of the city to downtown Parkersburg across the Little Kanawha River. Since it's completely unsigned to my knowledge, I can't tell if it returns to WV 14 via WV 618 or just ends there upon crossing the river. Not much of an Alternate if no one knows it's there.

NB across said Little Kanawha River on the 1996 East Street Bridge. Lest you think WV 14 Alt. is a recent development, this replaced a 1907 streetcar bridge that was converted for automobile traffic and then bought by the state.

A southward look at the span.

Looking west by sunset at the 1935 5th Street Bridge that carries WV 14 proper.

From there, WV 14 Alt. passes under this claustrophobic trestle before it ends.

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