West Virginia Roads - WV 14/WV 68

WV 14 and WV 14/68

WV 14 SB approaches US 50 leaving Parkersburg. It just left WV 68 five blocks ago, so how many people are really looking to get back to it? Also, US 50 WB only gets you to WV 68 SB. You can then U-turn to head north, but why not just U-turn now and save yourself the trouble?

After that assembly, but before you get to US 50, WV 14 first crosses the Little Kanawha River on the 5th Street Bridge. (This river is nowhere near the Kanawha River. I have no excuse for the name.)

Two northwestward views of the Parkersburg-Belpre Bridge (WV 618), first from WV 14/68 SB, then from 5th St. WB, which heads straight from WV 14 NB to WV 618 WB.

On the corner of all three routes, WV 14 (Juliana St.) and WV 68/618 (5th St.).

WV 14/68 SB pass under the Parkersburg-Belpre Bridge, but it's hidden by the parallel railroad bridge, so I got most of my ground-level photos of that instead.

The long eastern railroad approach heads up 6th St.

WV 14 SB meets WV 68 (from the left) on the north side of Parkersburg, and then they head straight together. Unsigned WV 140 heads to the right onto the Parkersburg Memorial Toll Bridge. Note the convenient omission of the word "toll" from this custom sign, very much the sort of sign a small-time toll agency would erect, and the references to US US 50 and OH OH 7.

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