West Virginia Roads - US 522/WV 9

US 522 and 522/WV 9

SB just inside West Virginia to the northernmost old US 522 alignment in the state.

Let's explore it. It serves a bunch of houses and has just one outlet to US 522, which I'm entering from in this photo. And it's a single concrete slab of substandard width!

Heading north as far as I can, which is cut off at the last driveway. I could have parked and walked but I'm... okay, I'm lazy. Fine.

Back south to where I came in, after which the alignment is cut off again.

Back on modern US 522, continuing south to another old alignment now in the U.S. Silica quarry.

Old signs of every variety, south through Berkeley Springs with WV 9 EB.

Looking east on Fairfax Ave. from Washington St.

Northward photos in town. The stop sign is just east of US 522/WV 9 and probably was turned from facing Liberty St. WB. Now that I showed you the closeup of the state seal labeled June 20, 1863, reread the time capsule sign. It was not sealed on the centennial. That is sad.

Onto WV 9 alone

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