West Virginia Roads - US 50 - Grafton and W.

US 50, Grafton and west

Crossing the new and impressive Blennerhassett Island Bridge from Ohio. It's one of the first network tied arches in the US, along with I-195 in Rhode Island.

WV 68 NB hops onto and off of US 50 EB and ges a nice bridge of its own, across the Little Kanawha River.

The next bridge east is WV 14, 5th St., with no connection to US 50.

Continuing EB past WV 47 to a suggestive sign with WV 31 SB, in the same genre as nearby Big Bone Lick State Park.

Hahaha, "North Bend." Oh wait, are we no longer doing the suggestive jokes? It's an older sign, anyway.

Looking west at an old railroad overpass in Clarksburg. My vantage point is from adjacent Sycamore St., which has plenty of interesting stuff in this exact area. (See link at bottom to check it out.)

Yes, it IS a bridge. I'm so proud of you, sign! These EB photos show the relation of US 50 to Sycamore St.

All part of the same lucky EB photo. It's a truck carrying road pieces! (Well, these colorful barrier segments are unlikely to be used on roads, but you never know.)

Continuing EB through the interchange to the end of the old US 50 freeway, the last two photos are on the left and right sides of the same gantry.

WB in the same location; the first two photos are on the left and right sides of the same gantry.

EB from Bridgeport (home of Reep) to Pruntytown (home of the only time US 50 meets its US 250 child). That's a hideous US 250 shield to have been left out there for so long.

Eastbound (of course), that's a real Dairy Queen beneath the old sign, and yeah, that's a real Dairy King, yup, for sure. Kings trump queens, and all that. Never mind that the queen has a national chain. I'd be curious to know if anyone outside Grafton has been here, and how it stacks up. I'm sure the King and Queen are equally adroit rulers of the kingdom of sugar and fat. (Secondary question: which sign is more unintentionally suggestive?)

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