West Virginia Roads - US 50 (E. of Grafton)/WV 28

east of Grafton and US 50/WV 28

All photos were taken eastbound except for two.

The ratty old bridge crosses Buffalo Creek, with the last photo looking north along the raging torrent.

Just west of the Buffalo Creek bridge is an older bridge over a smaller river. I don't think it merits more than a culvert on modern US 50, but the road once narrowed to one lane across this concrete structure. These are the two photos that are westbound instead of eastbound.

The bridges keep getting bigger as I head east. This one's for the Cheat River, and then after Aurora, there's a brief gap in US 50 in West Virginia. The gap is so notable, it even has a name: Maryland. US 50 in WV is one of the only routes in a state that crosses borders into three different states. The only other one I know of is US 52 - yup, same state. It's the terrain.

Fresh in from Maryland, US 50 enters the hamlet of Gormania, which seems to have seen better days.

Heading into Mount Storm across the Stony River. I don't want to know what's all over the WV 42 shield.

All I know is that this is old and also on US 220.

US 50 crosses the South Branch of the Potomac River with WV 28 NB, and they once crossed on an older alignment just to the southeast. The second photo is the northeastern abutment of the old bridge, with the old road cordoned off above.

The Hampshire County Courthouse in Romney, on the corner of US 50 and WV 28 where they split downtown.

The Ice Mountain is to the left after WV 29 SB (coming in at the stop sign) joins US 50 EB.

Across the Cacapon River. It's not a joke about dirty chickens, it's a native term for "medicine waters."

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