West Virginia Roads - US 48/US 219

US 48 and US 48/219

From US 48 WB/US 219 SB, US 33 does not go south. In fact, the best way to sign this would first be "Junction {33} {250} 1 MILE" and then "East {33} South {250}{219} MILE." US 48 only has between interchange ramps before it picks up US 33 and US 250, and it never breaks free again, ending at I-79 concurrent with US 33.

WB/SB along the then-newly opened Corridor H (2002), showing how much of the hills had to be cut away to stick a wide and modern road in.

Looking northeastward at the stubs of the US 48/219 "freeway," part of the mountain already carved away, awaiting further destruction. The construction is progressing from the WV 55 end, and obviously not from this end, as nothing has been done as of 2013. Seeing the "Do Not Enter" over a "Watch for ICE on Bridge" sign makes me wonder just why WVDOH would fabricate and erect signs on a highway with no definite timetable. It's easy to procure signs, and they also weather easily.

It looks like more is happening in 2013, but the road still isn't open as of 2020. Actually, the environmental impact statement or EIS had to be reevaluated and reapproved by FHWA before construction could start in 2015, but the roadway is supposed to be opening past Montrose in 2020 with work to Parsons continuing thereafter. Now, that doesn't help issues after Parsons thanks to flying squirrels, with the last segment of all of US 48 not even getting underway until after 2030.

Let's come off of that sad note by picking up the part of the highway that is open, heading east from Scherr (WV 93) in 2013. Normally I have something to say when a highway agency puts down stripes on a road that isn't opening anytime soon, but here WVDOH did the opposite and never finished the lane stripes.

This milepost is at the Upper Patterson Creek Road (SR 5) interchange. Notice how Corridor H is well represented but US 48 is nowhere to be found.

Impressive amounts of scenery were removed for the making of this highway. See the next section of it via the WV 55 link below. There's no excuse for the 1-mile guide sign to be poorly assembled since these routes aren't moving anytime soon.

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