West Virginia Roads - US 460/19

US 460 and 460/19

Heading east from the eastern US 52 interchange, this shows the future ramp from US 460 WB to US 52 NB. (Look down; the stuff atop the hill is just construction storage.) A short piece of what will become the King Coal Expressway has been built from I-77 to US 460. From here, the highway will briefly parallel US 460 just behind this hill before crossing US 19 (as far as the stub currently makes it) and heading up to the next completed section near Williamson. Eventually, the entire west half of the state will have a divided highway on the corridor Congress thought would carry I-73 and I-74. WV doesn't seem to think so.

It's not RIDOT, but the black background isn't any more excusable than a white one, especially when there's a state name shield right there. Photos are WB from the US 19 junction and EB/NB after it.

All EB/NB with US 19, second photo courtesy H.B. Elkins. WV likes its corridors, to the exclusion of the route number (becoming a standard on other states' mileposts).

x EB at the route itself.

EB at the eastern end of WV 112, courtesy H.B. Elkins. It's not button copy, so the sign is here for the extra green space on either side. It appears that WV 112 is former US 460 east of Bluefield (pre-Corridor Q).

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