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US 40

The site of McColloch's Leap, where a brave soldier chose certain death over capture and torture at the hands of pursuing Native Americans. According to legend, he drove his horse over a 300-foot tall hill with steep sides and survived the journey. Perhaps for equality, they also erected a monument to the Mingo tribe in 1928 (11 years after McColloch's statue), one of the tribes that pursured McColloch but memorialized as the first inhabitants of the Wheeling area.

US 40 and old US 40, Wheeling Island and Wheeling Suspension Bridge
US 40 east of Wheeling Island

Here is McColloch's Leap itself, off the west side of the highway along the Ohio River. Unlike the Major on his horse, WVDOH has no faith in modern drivers to survive the leap and installed a concrete barrier decades ago.

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