West Virginia Roads - US 220

US 220

There was a train show in Petersburg, and this cast iron yard limit sign was in one of the trains.

WV 55 WB, along with US 220/WV 28 SB, entering Petersburg's county.

US 220/WV 28 used to meet WV 55 in downtown Moorefield along Winchester Ave.

But now, US 220/WV 28 NB ditch WV 55 EB on the north side of Moorefield onto the new Corridor H. West of here, it's just US 48, a relatively new designation; when I was here in 2006, WV 55 was the only route on the road, and it only headed east from here. Notice that the overpass approaches are not yet completed; WV 55 uses a surface road to connect to an interchange to the east, with a configuration that hints at a future eastern bypass of Moorefield for 55. The old route, meanwhile, connects to US 220/WV 28 downtown.

It's old, it's on US 50 EB/US 220 SB, and I have no idea what it is, but it's impressive.

The current (soon to be former) Potomac River bridge into Maryland, and the abutment of the new one just to the east. Truck East 46 is a one-block detour around Armstrong St., but I don't know why it's needed.

The view of the old and new bridges from that one-block section of WV 46, looking perfectly innocuous. I don't see a steep grade or any particular obstructions.

Looking north from WV 46; bridges new and old first cross over the railroad in the foreground and then a few blocks of a small neighborhood before hitting the state line.

You might miss the de facto town welcome sign on US 220 because it's literally on 220.

One last view from the surface on WV 46, looking south at the other face of the new bridge abutment.

To get back onto US 220, I followed Davis St. south to Center St., and was rewarded with this very old and very odd sign. That's not the right shield width and definitely the wrong font, but uniqueness is not always a vice. Notice the old style of the directional banner and arrow being slightly narrower than the shield, and then you have the "TO" at a different size altogether. Click for a closeup in all its glory.

Although the state line is on the West Virginia shore of the river, most of the bridge is in WV because of the aforementioned railroad and neighborhood. These photos are just inside the state on US 220 SB.

Click to drive north from West Virginia into Maryland on US 220, to the sound of Bleed Radio Bleed.

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