West Virginia Roads - US 22

US 22

Westbound up to downtown Weirton. To the left, Veteran's Memorial Bridge, carrying US 22 over the Ohio River and maintained by WVDOT (apparently no longer the DOH). To the right, Fort Steuben Bridge, carrying the original 22 over the river and maintained by ODOT.

Continuing WB more or less up to the state line. Ohio snuck some signs in on the WV side, but at least they're still button copy. (It continues on the OH side.) The rusty truss to the left is a railroad truss on the Norfolk Southern system.

In the eastbound direction, the first letter of the direction isn't larger than the others. The last photo shows the uptown, factory-laden part of Weirton.

The eastbound direction also has a lot more signs that say "Weirton Exits." By the time you get to Colliers Way (Exit 5), it may technically be Weirton but it's sure not the city.

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