West Virginia Roads - US 119/US 250

US 119 and US 119/250

NB and SB courtesy Lou Corsaro. US 52 follows the Ohio River for hundreds of miles from here all the way past Cincinnati.

Corridor G (SB), bringing you US 119 by cutting away large chunks of scenery. Old US 119 runs through Logan and is slower but much more environmentally friendly.

Someday, Stewart Rd. will be a real route. You know WV 3 (EB) is following US 119 (SB) here because the fractional route has a "3" on top.

SB from Elkview (Frame Rd., SR 43), through Big Chimney, to the outskirts of Charleston at Westmoreland Drive. It doesn't make sense to have a Truck I-79 here when that route has already ended at I-77, unless this sign is meant for the few trucks that are coming out to US 119 - but if that's the case, there's nothing telling them to head south to this point when their destination is north.

These signs are dated 1997, which is roughly the date that the French St. bridge was built in Clendenin, but these shields at its end have aged terribly for just 12 years of wear.

More terribly aged signs, SB, that have been terribly placed in the bushes. I had to jump and prune and exit my comfort zone in public areas to capture even this much, and I still can't figure out the last digit of the fractional route (119/1X). Part of designing a sign is putting it somewhere people can see it.

I-79 has now begun, so I-79 signs are appropriate. This is at Exit 19 and makes a good dictionary exercise for young readers - alphabetize that sign!

Amma Rd. heads east from US 119 across Left Hand Creek in Cotton. There's a new two-lane bridge, the old bridge (now gone), and, despite the newness of the project, an old-style green secondary route shield.

Several miles south from US 33.

US 119 SB turns right onto US 33 WB, and the second sign is overhead as WV 20 SB continues. Follow the US 33/119 concurrency on the US 33 page, linked at bottom.

Technically, this is on both WV 20 NB and US 119 NB, but with 119 just having come off of US 33, it's not really meant for that traffic to U-turn.

The Philippi Covered Bridge is now on Business US 250, not regular 250, which is why I included the signs in the second photo. You won't see that assembly again - and if you do, it's wrong.

US 119/250 SB at their former split, but now US 250 continues a little farther to the right.

Locust Ave. heads east from US 119/250, still in Philippi.

US 119/250 NB until they split, with US 119 heading toward Tygart Lake.

NB at Beech St. in Grafton.

SB leaving Morgantown.

An older assembly, now gone, NB in the same area.

WV 857 doesn't exist, but SR 857 is the route that won't die. It begins here south of Morgantown, just your average county-numbered route with a strangely high number, then turns left, turns right, and meets WV 7. That part appeared to have once been SR 64. Okay, then 857 jogs west with 7 and heads north again to meet US 119. Sort of an eastern bypass of the city. Alright, fine. But then 857 stays with US 119, and turns onto what was once SR 73, taking that over. Then 69. At this point, I wonder if a primary WV state highway doesn't make more sense than a secondary route.

SB at Easton Mill Rd., Spruce St., and Callen Ave. One of these is less obvious.

SB at the northernmost of the three US 119/SR 857 junctions, getting it right with ovals.

NB at the same junction, with SR 857 briefly following US 119 to get around the airport. It would make more sense for the Morgantown sections of SR 857 to be separate secondaries, and have the 857 number start right here (as a primary route, of course).

Notice how that says Maryland-Pennsylvania line. It really does not belong on a West Virginia sign. The Mason-Dixon Line ended where Maryland ended and still ends.

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