WV/OH Roads - Weirton-Steubenville Bridges

Market Street and Fort Steuben Bridges
Weirton, WV to Steubenville, OH

Westbound across the Market Street Bridge from WV 2 across the Ohio River to Steubenville, passing over OH 7. This steel-decked hunk of steel was constructed in 1905 as a rail bridge and was taken over by WVDOH (now DOT) in 1941. The weight limit was lowered all the way from 13 tons to 5 tons recently, and a replacement was supposed to start going up this year. Since this bridge is West Virginia's responsibility, it probably won't get replaced as long as all the other Corridors are under construction, because the US 22 bridge to the north can handle the few vehicles that use this one. For now, to keep the bridge usable at all hours, there are street lights haphazardly arranged on the top truss members, and beam assemblies on either side to keep the big guys out.

Eastbound across the Fort Steuben Bridge, former US 22, from OH 7 across the Ohio River to Weirton, passing over WV 2. This bridge was constructed in 1928 and is faring somewhat better than its downstream neighbor, still open to commercial traffic, albeit with the low weight limits pictured. The overhead lights were also tacked on here, although it was easier to make them look natural by blending them in with the cables. It's interesting that neither old bridge connects to both of the river highways (2 and 7). This bridge belongs to Ohio, so it's up to them when to get rid of this one and build a new one. Based on their conditions and locations, I think it would be more useful to rehab this bridge and replace the Market Street one, but that would require coordination between both DOT's. After getting off the bridge, old US 22 is Freedom Way until it hits WV 2 at Main Street. US 22 continued up through town to WV 105 and headed east from there to the Steubenville Pike in PA. If I go back to Pittsburgh, I'll take a look at the old road for you.

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